News In Review: 23/04/13

Ratchet and Clank are set to receive a feature film based on their exploits. The weird alien thing and his robot pal will star in the movie, planned for release in 2015, and which is being developed by Insomniac. The announcement should please fans of the series but may face questions as to the wisdom of its release. Surely the point of video games is to interact – I fail to see how anything is added by removing one layer of the game’s appeal.


From Friday, Wii U owners will be able to download the challenge mode of Rayman Legends free of charge. The download, meant to placate gamers disappointed by the game’s two delays, will contain five levels for between one and five players as well as online leaderboards and weekly challenges from Ubisoft. Those of you who are rather cynical might say that this constitutes a glorified marketing campaign to build hype for an already-finished game, but I wouldn’t complain too much – it’s free stuff, and you can use it to decide if you would want to buy the full thing.


Jools Watsham, the founder of Renegade Kid and developer of Mutant Mudds, has expressed frustration with the lack of variety of games chosen by users on Steam’s Greenlight service. Writing on his blog, the creator said that “It quickly seemed as though the games that were being received well on Greenlight were either first-person games, contained zombies, and/or were supported by a built-in PC community or [possessed] a unique publicity angle,”. While it may be true that mods such as Day Z received backing on Greenlight, much more different games like Dreamfall Chapters have done so as well.

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