News: EA Strangling Wii U Support

EA, the company voted twice in a row as the worst company in the USA, has stated they currently have no software in development for Wii U. After throwing Nintendo fans a pre-chewed bone last year with the rerelease of Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13, the publisher seems to have forgotten Nintendo exist, possibly out of a crippling fear of money.

Forgive us for sounding partisan, but this is an issue on which hell does most definitely need to be raised. I suspect that they’re deliberately attempting to stifle the growth of the Wii U because it’s easier for them to work with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo impose restrictions on large publishers on their systems and the world’s biggest may be trying to strike out against them. What Nintendo need to do in the face of this effort is shore up their relations with other large publishers (SEGA and Ubisoft are good allies) while continuing to push independent games like Little Inferno and occasionally creating a cash injection through a big first-party title.

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