What’s in Store for July 2013

We look at the best way to spend your summer, with brand new releases next month, despite the post-E3 game drought.

N.B. All dates are those of North American releases; please note that other regions may have to wait just a little while longer (why not get some fresh air while you wait?)

Toki Tori 2+ – July 2nd (Windows, Mac)


Those of you who own a Wii U have had months to see this puzzle platformer in all its glory and it’s finally heading over to the PC. You play through the game as Toki Tori, a kiwi who must manipulate nature in order to make his way through the numerous levels. Not only must you rely on your abilities, but also the natural abilities of the planet. It sounds like the perfect way to teach your child how to go green.

Mortal Kombat – July 3rd (Windows)


No, this isn’t the original game, but rather the 2011 version. It’s taken two years to be released on the PC and until August, will only be available as a digital download. Despite the long time you’ve all been waiting around (or not if you own a console) to play this game, all hatred will disappear when you finally get to kick some ass once more. And then watch your boyfriend button bash as he somehow manages to win. Painful, isn’t it?

Dark – July 9th (Xbox 360)


I’m sorry, I have a feeling of déjà vu here. This was originally set to be released alongside the PC version, yet the date was pushed back. In order to add to this feeling, here’s our previous description (complete with painful joke): Eric Bane has recently turned into a vampire who learns that he never fully completed his transformation and so must hunt down the correct blood source before his life is ruined forever. This game has a heavy focus on stealth and darkness (well he is a vampire) as you manoeuvre around, filling yourself up with the sweet, delicious liquid of life. Quite literally so. Although not much else is known about this game, it sounds fang-tastic.

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection – July 9th (PS3)


Please note that this will not be released in Europe. At least not yet – I’m sure they’ll come up with a release date for us soon. Finger crossed? Not technically a new game, this is one better for Metal Gear fans – every single game from Mr. Kojima since 1987 – 2012. Not only will you receive the games, you’ll also be able to see video versions of the graphic novels and a 100 page booklet filled with posters and brochure. It sounds like a dream come true.

NCAA Football 14 – July 9th (PS3, Xbox 360)


Sports games such as this one are fairly self-explanatory – expect to pick this game up and play some American Football. If you end up receiving other sorts of gameplay, then you’re doing something very wrong. If you’re a fan of American football, this game is recommended. If you’re not, don’t bother, it won’t be your cup of tea.

Dynasty Warriors 8 – July 16th (PS3, Xbox 360, Windows)


Look, more chances to beat people up! We all love a good fight (even your girlfriend) and Dynasty Warriors 8 looks as though it will deliver. Rather than changing the whole game from the previous in the series, this one reuses the same system and engine, instead taking time to add even more content for gamers to dive into. This means more hours spent improving your virtual fighting skill and less improving your real life one. But that’s what videogames are for, right?

Shin Megami Tensei IV – July 16th (3DS)


You play a samurai living in East Mikado, who is given the task of hunting down a black samurai – a woman giving people deadly books that will turn them into demons – in Tokyo. It’s already been praised for the challenge it provides, while being very accessible for beginners in Japan, so looks like a real treat for your 3DS. Not only that, but it’s the first in the series to have full voice acting. They finally did it!

Time and Eternity – July 16th (PS3)


After witnessing the murder of her fiancé during their wedding, Toki and her alter ego Towa decide to go to counseling sessions. Over time, they find themselves being able to fit back into society and settle down in a quaint little village. Of course not; you both go on an adventure, killing countless enemies and traveling through time. It is a Japanese game after all.

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad – July 16th (WiiU, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, DS)


Tying in with the movie release, this game follows a group of snails as they perform stunts in order to win challenges. As you progress, you’ll build up your skills and then realise that this game was really meant for your little brother or nephew. Don’t pretend you weren’t enjoying yourself though.

The Smurfs 2 – July 23rd (WiiU, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, DS)


Just in time for my birthday is yet another film tie-in, following everyone’s least-favourite blue creatures as you help them in their adventure. Perhaps you’ll finally be able to suffocate them and see what colour they turn. Wait, this game is for kids? Oh, well never mind then. Violence is bad.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted – July (Windows, Mac, Linux)


No exact date has been released yet, though the game is on track to be out at some point in July. Created with the help of Kickstarter, this game places players on an island from which they must escape. It’s not all that simple though – you’re also being hunted down by Victorian robots and you need to find weapons and food to survive. Better still, watching how to beat the game online will be pointless as the island is procedurally generated, meaning that you’re fully on your own. In theory, it sounds like a lovely mix of scary and light-hearted, though it’ll be interesting to see how it does in practice.


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