New Bioshock Infinite DLC Trailers

The dieselpunk adventures of the cloud-borne Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth received rapturous applause on release, and now it seems they are to receive extra content in the form of two pieces of downloadable content. The first, released now, is entitled ‘Clash in the Clouds’ and acts as an add-on to the game’s challenging 1999 mode. Players are tasked with destroying various enemies in different conditions, and as rewards will unlock exclusive extras. Here’s the trailer:

More interesting, though, is the second piece, not yet given a release date but very exciting. Given the game’s ending twist, it seems that Booker Dewitt is now operating as a detective in the underwater city of Rapture, from the first two BioShock games. Set in 1958, four decades after Infinite but before the Rapture civil war, the trailer seems to suggest a gritty, Noir-style adventure more befitting a dark environment like Rapture than Infinite‘s swashbuckling adventure in Columbia. Check it out:

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