Oculus Rift DK2’s Sales Numbers Soar; DK1 and DK2 combined sales equal over 80,000 units sold

These past few months have been a bit eventful for the Oculus Rift: Oculus got bought out by Facebook; production (and, subsequently, sales) on the first-generation Development Kit skidded to a halt due to component shortages; and the second-generation Development Kit, the DK2, finally became open for preorder last month. According to Oculus, though, things are only looking up, with combined sales of the DK1 and DK2 seeming to break the 80,000 mark.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Oculus discussed specific sales numbers: since the preorder page went live on March 19, 2014, the Oculus Rift DK2 sold around 25,000 units. From the DK1’s inception in 2012 to the end of its run earlier this year, they sold a total of around 60,000 total units.

The DK2 isn’t just a second iteration with a few added features, but an overall improved model to the DK1, which boasts, among other things: an OLED display at 960×1080 in each eye; a specially designed external camera to more accurately track head movement and positioning; clearer lenses for more comfortable usage; and the ability to charge the unit directly via USB (thus eliminating the use of a control box, which was an object of criticism with the DK1). The Rift is still developer-only, so these bad boys aren’t primed for consumer use, but for those who pre-ordered them, Oculus promises to deliver the goods in July.

Sources: Joystiq, TechCrunch, roadtovr.com

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