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Until The Sims 4 comes out, the release schedule continues to be dry as a bone, so in lieu of a normal review it seems fitting to talk about what we might be talking about if publishers could get their collective posteriors in gear.

To begin with, September 9th sees the release of Destiny, the first person shooter which everyone’s been getting irrationally excited about for the past year. Originally teased back in 2009’s Halo 3: ODST, the game is a class-based semi-MMO shooter set far into the future and will no doubt be making many teenage boys go very quiet when it comes out.


Next up is Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit! for the Nintendo 3DS, primarily noteworthy for the fact that the Cooking Mama series apparently still exists. While the first one was popular it seems very odd that the fiery housewife is making a return now. Perhaps they’re going to put her in Super Smash Bros.

Also in the “Oh, is that still going” pile is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. The first game in this two-part series was actually a lot of fun, and definitely worth picking up for any Final Fantasy enthusiasts not content with waiting for Final Fantasy XV.

Speaking of series that have been going way longer than necessary, Wasteland 2 is being released for PC, Mac and Linux this month after being successfully funded on Kickstarter. If you’ve never heard of Wasteland, don’t worry! You may well not have been born yet since it came out in 1988. Since it’s been created by Brian Fargo, the man behind the original Fallout, it’s been getting a bit of attention.


On September 26th, the big releases actually start to appear. For the Wii U owners out there (yes, all eight of you) there’s Hyrule Warriors, which with its great hordes of enemies to slice through will be cathartic if nothing else. For Windows and PS4 owners, The Astronauts’ game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter seems to offer a slice of well-polished detective adventuring, which ought to fill the gap between The Walking Dead and the Grim Fandango remake.

The game drought ends in October. By then the big release of the autumn will be in plain view as Super Smash Bros. is released for 3DS (the Wii U version will follow later). The first handheld Smash Bros. game will be the latest in a string of big first-party releases for the handheld, but it’s a shame Nintendo can’t seem to pull anything out for the console which actually needs serious help. After that, there’s a bunch of new stuff so we’ll actually be able to carry reviews. Crazy concept, I know.

So, what are you most looking forward to in the month ahead? Have I mentioned it on here or not? Sound off in the comments.

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