10 Games To Watch in 2015

It’s a new year and a whole new release schedule to look forward to. So far the line-up of new games is looking pretty strong, but we figured that everyone loves a top 10 list, so after much deliberating, here are our top 10 upcoming releases of 2015.

Dying Light – 27th January


It’s like Mirror’s Edge meets zombies – what’s not to love? As with most zombie stories, you’re more likely to become the next meal at night, so your days are spent scavenging supplies and crafting deadly weapons. We’ve never really understood why zombies get lunar powers, but the game looks interesting regardless.

Grim Fandango: Remastered – 27th January


Although not technically a new release, we can’t wait for the release of Grim Fandango looking all shiny and new. Despite winning numerous awards and often being ranked as one of the top adventure games, it seemed to slip under most people’s radar when first released. Hopefully this time round it can grab a few more people’s interest and gain the sales it so badly deserves.

Evolve – 10th February


Everyone loves playing as the monster and the people at Turtle Rock Studios clearly understand this. In the multiplayer game Evolve four players take the roles of heroes with various skills, while one person plays a gigantic beast who has one thing on its mind – food. We at Cubed Gamers have played a few matches of this game and each experience has been completely different – you’re unlikely to get bored quickly with this game.

The Order: 1886 – 20th February


This is the game that shows the world what London looks like on a good day – thick fog, pouring rain and handfuls of monsters. In The Order you are given the task of saving everyone from half man, half beast creatures. That and the poor – yeah, let’s not forget how much poor people suck. Either way, the game looks gorgeous and we’ll be sure to pick up a copy.

Bloodborne – 24th March


Another PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne is directed by the same man as the Souls series, so you can probably expect lots more death than you’d care for. This time around you’ll be much more adept at combat though – that and you can have a gun. We’re sure you’ll be fine – you probably won’t even get hurt. Promise.

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