Welcome to the New Cubed Gamers

Cubed Gamers has been around four years. To be even typing those words still amazes me – from a summer project conceived after three of us had left school to now has been an amazing journey.

We’ve relaunched this website because we realised it was time for something new. We needed fresh faces, new content and a regular update schedule to keep our readers engaged. We think there are a lot of changes you’ll like.

For one thing, you’ll now be able to gain levels and badges by reading and engaging with us. We think it’ll help give you a sense of accomplishment for being part of our community (and show off that you’re top of the leader board).

We’ll be running monthly features on the latest freebies to hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, as well as regular reviews, opinion pieces and news.

The NewsCube podcast has had its branding prettied up, and will be continuing on Wednesdays, as usual. You can now download it through iTunes, and we have a proper RSS feed you can drag to the bookmarks in your browser.

Thanks for your patience while we rebranded and reorganised. We’ve now got 20 contributors waiting to entertain and inform you. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Robin Wilde

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Robin Wilde

Co-Editor of Cubed Gamers, meaning I send out, take in, edit and upload content. I'm also in charge of doing much of the graphics and design stuff for the site.

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