Angry Birds 2

The Angry Birds franchise, first brought to us in 2009, has since seen several inventive add-ons. But it is Angry Birds 2 that acts as the official sequel, bringing us plenty of new features to try out. Despite this, the new offering falls flat – the birds are missing the pigs.

The old format of flinging various coloured birds at angry green pigs remains, but with a bit of welcome alteration. The game now provides you with an option to pick the birds you use in any order you want. Cards are provided, removing the old system of throwing whatever bird comes next and giving you more options as a player.

The new multi-rooms feature within each level adds a hint of challenge to the game, making you think before you fling. It also allows the game to expand its graphics and explore new visual tricks. The structures the pigs sit on are more detailed than before too, which makes things a little more fun than before.

But not everything is wonderful. The addition of lives (paid for by micropayments) makes the game feel like a sell-out. It seems as if Rovio want to rake in as much money as they physically can from this relaunch, and they’ll do anything to achieve that. Whether it’s tempting you to buy more lives, watch videos to get a couple of extra birds, or being subjected to endless pop-up adverts, it’s hard to ignore the heavy commercialisation of the classic game.

The gameplay itself also feels different. In Angry Birds the object was to figure out the best way to destroy the pigs and structures, at the same time as getting those all-important 3 stars. But now, the focus seems more on optimum destruction with the addition of a destruction bar encouraging you to create chaos in reward for another card. A focus on mindless destruction overtakes thoughtful and methodical gameplay, and this ruins the game completely. It’s a shame to see it go down this route.

Angry Birds will always be a classic game that we’ve all spent too much time playing. But its sequel has too many outstanding flaws to match it, let alone go one better.

Gameplay 3.4
Level Format 7.5
Ridiculous Bird Names8.3
Freedom To Play Without Interuption2.7

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