Amazon Underground introduces ‘Actually Free’ Programme

Amazon has decided to take a stand against microtransactions, effectively removing them entirely for a number of games with their new app.

Amazon has launched Amazon Underground, a free download for Amazon members. This app gives users access to full games and other apps free of charge. Amazon’s goal is to give people apps without in-app purchases that lock away content. These free downloads include Goat Simulator (Originally £3.22), OfficeSuite Professional 8 (Originally £6.46), among a large variety of others.

The way that Amazon can get away with this is by paying developers to give away the previously paid-for upgrades for free. The money the developers receive is based on how long their games are played for. In the case of Cut the Rope 2, the upgraded version that removes ads is completely free of charge, as well as all other coin bundles in the shop.

Although not every app on the Amazon App Store is available on Amazon Underground, Amazon has done a good job to deliver a lengthy selection on launch. Amazon has also disclosed that they will be updating Amazon Underground with new free apps, and it will not be a limited-time only offer. Amazon will inevitably lose money with this approach, so what their ultimate goal is is unclear, but it is very nice to see them go out of their way to improve the user experience.

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