Youtube Gaming: Twitch Challenger Launched

YouTube has made a big leap towards becoming the next Twitch, and it’s looking very nice.

Launching earlier today, YouTube Gaming is the new sub-domain of the main video website. With the new website, gaming channels can live stream directly to the site, and host all of their channel’s videos there as well. YouTube Gaming implements a lot of features seen on Twitch, including browsing by Games as well as Channels and a grid-like homepage that shows the most popular streams at the moment. The service is available on most platforms such as computers and mobile devices.

YouTube head of gaming, Ryan Wyatt, said in an interview with the BBC: “We wanted to create a one-stop shop for all gaming content.

“At the moment there is a fragmented experience. People go to different places for live content, and YouTube for video on demand.

“We have amazing gamers that don’t live stream yet. Now they have that opportunity.”

Twitch has always been a competitor of pre-recorded videos on YouTube, and it seems like YouTube has had enough. This has some potential given Google’s financial backing, as it now allows channels to keep their videos and live streams on one account. It is likely some people will definitely go for this for the ease of access, but there may be people who stick with Twitch out of habit or desire for a separate streaming service.

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