The Gamechangers: First Trailer for GTA TV Drama Released

The BBC have unveiled their first trailer for TV drama The Gamechangers. The film, set in 2002, focuses on the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto III at the time of its release.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Sam Houser, the creator of the game, The Gamechangers explores Rockstar’s battles with Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton), the American lawyer who lobbied for the banning of the series.

Rockstar have had no part in the production, and if their attempt to sue the BBC for trademark infringement proves anything, it’s that they’re not too happy about it.

The film is directed by Owen Harris, previously responsible for episodes of Misfits and Charlie Brooker’s harrowing sci-fi dystopia series Black Mirror.

The Gamechangers will air on BBC at 9PM on September 15th. For those readers outside the UK, we’ll be on hand to review the show soon after it goes to air.

Source: Polygon

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