Russian Boy Dead After DOTA Marathon

A 17 year old from the Russian town of Uchaly has died after playing Warcraft III mod and popular esports game DOTA almost non-stop while recovering from a broken leg.

The boy, known only as Rustan, suffered the injury on August 8th. In the 22 days afterwards he was confined to his bed in the town of 40,000 in Russia’s southern republic of Bashkortostan.

His parents told Russian news outlet BlokNot they could usually hear him pounding at his keyboard until August 30th, when all went quiet.

After being rushed to a nearby hospital, Rustan was pronounced dead on arrival. Police spokeswoman Svetlana Abramova said: “In the last 22 days it is suspected he played the game almost all the time, stopping only to take a nap and grab a snack.

“Since August 8 he had a broken leg and has spent all his time at home playing computer games.”

Rustan was known to be a heavy gamer, and had clocked up 2,000 hours of DOTA in the last 18 months. It is suspected his play time increased further while he was housebound with the broken leg.

Doctors suspect the boy died from second class syndrome, a blood clot caused by long term lack of movement such as that experienced while on long-haul flights.

Source: Mirror Online

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