Super Mario Bros. is 30 Today

It seems like an incredible journey, but three decades ago something changed in gaming. Super Mario Bros., the seminal platformer which laid the groundwork for a genre, was born. Arriving on the Japanese Famicom (which would become the NES in the west) the tale of a plumber pursuing a princess would rapidly become world famous.

Games Industry professionals and players alike appeared to be still be nostalgic for the game after all this time.

Nintendo of Japan published a Thank You video on their YouTube channel to celebrate the date. The video consists of a compilation of viral videos posted online paying tribute to the series.

The anniversary provides much of the reason Nintendo chose September to release Super Mario Maker, as much as a celebration of Mario history as a level creation and sharing tool. The wild popularity of Mario (one survey around the beginning of the 1990s suggested Mario was better known among American children than Mickey Mouse or Jesus Christ) did much to save an industry that was flagging outside its native Japan.

It was the bundling of Super Mario Bros. with the NES (along with the robot ROB) that was widely credited with helping Nintendo break into a market sceptical of video games after the Atari-induced Crash of ’83. By proving that games could still be wildly popular, Super Mario Bros. helped pave the way for the gaming explosion in the 1990s.

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