Chocobo Drifting and Fishing to Appear in Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix didn’t fail to entertain at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday. With an all-new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV, we can expect to see some crazy stunts with Chocobos, and some intense fishing all around the world.

It seems that Chocobos remain the cool way to get around in Final Fantasy. They are fast, have good handling, look funny, and have fantastic drifting capabilities. The gameplay trailer showed us in-game footage of players riding all around the roads and hills. These daredevils drifted around corners, made 180-degree turns, and jumped off of tall rocks for all of to watch in awe. As silly as it definitely seems, you have to admit that it looks like stupid fun to race with Chocobos.

While not as intimidating and blood pumping as the Chocobos, the fishing mini-game in Final Fantasy XV looks like it may be onto something. The trailer shows the player actually losing the first fish they battled with, which is a great thing to show off in a trailer because we don’t just want to see how the game would look without failure. The second time through, however, the player wrangled around with the analog sticks to reel in their catch. It didn’t look like there was much depth to how the reeling plays out, but we can assume there will be variety so the fishing will continue to be a difficult task. To end a surprisingly good trailer, we get to see a beautifully looking fish dinner at the campfire. We will have to wait until 2016 for our chocobo-riding and fishing adventures to begin.

Source: Polygon

Are you excited to drift a giant feathered beast around town, or would you rather have seafood that you caught yourself? Let us know below!

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