Twitch Beats Dark Souls

Not content with collectively mashing their way through Pokémon, the masochists at Twitch Plays have managed to plough their way through Dark Souls in 43 days. The players managed to fell Gwyn, the game’s final boss, in fairly good time (with some assistance from a summoned Knight Solaire, admittedly).

The run began in mid-August and originally used the control method used for Twitch Plays Pokemon – where commenters on Twitch directly entered commands for the main character. However, after flailing in the Undead Asylum (the game’s starting area) for four days, control was switched to a more civilised turn based system, with players casting votes on what move to take next.

This crowd-controlled format took off after the Pokémon runs, but Dark Souls is perhaps the most difficult game to be attempted – it sits alongside Tetris and Halo in the pantheon of classics tackled by several hundred more people than were ever supposed to play them.

From Software’s Dark Souls was released in 2011 and has gained a reputation for being punishingly tough at times. Indeed, the marketing slogan (and subtitle for the special edition) was “prepare to die”. That Twitch has managed to beat this game collectively in less time than this writer has spent playing it properly is embarrassing for one or both of them.

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