Game Boy Micro Celebrates 10th Birthday

The last entry in the 15-year Game Boy line was released in Europe 10 years ago today. The Game Boy Micro hit UK and European markets on November 4, 2005, several months after the Game Boy’s successor the DS had already launched.

Shown off at E3 2005 for the first time, the Micro featured a two-inch backlit screen in what is still Nintendo’s smallest system. It boasted a ten-hour battery life and was capable of playing all Game Boy Advance titles then released. The smaller form factor did bring some drawbacks – including a redesigned and smaller link cable that precluded easy multiplayer with older systems, and no support for Game Boy Color and Game Boy games.

It is a relatively overlooked system, having sold only 2.4 million units, but its design has fed through into future products of Nintendo’s. The adjustable level of backlight on the screen was a feature that came back with the DS Lite, and the D-pad seems to have been copied wholesale. The Game Boy Micro also had replaceable faceplates, a marketing and personalisation feature now available with the New 3DS.

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