Steam Shut Down Amid Christmas Chaos

Digital distribution platform Steam has been pulled offline completely by Valve, after unknown technical problems gave users unfettered access to other accounts.

Full access was granted to personal information, purchase history and Steam Wallet money. The security breach appears to have been caused by a caching error but it’s unclear whether foul play was involved.

Accounts which did not log in during the issue should be unaffected, but at time of writin the distribution service remains online with no indication of when normal service will be resumed.

Steam is currently in the middle of its Winter Sale, which offers major holiday discounts on thousands of games and concludes on January 4th. Whether any compensation will be offered for the missed sale opportunities remains to be seen.

If you were affected by this issue – either logging into another person’s account accidentally (the breaches appear to have been random) or having your account used maliciously, please get in touch at or in a comment below.

Source: RockPaperShotgun

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