Top 10 Games To Be Excited For In 2016

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4

One of the most beloved stories and characters of the last generation may be coming to a close with the highly anticipated next chapter of the Uncharted series. There has been tons of speculation as to whether or not Nathan Drake will meet his end as the title hints. “With the end of this story, it will be really hard to do a sequel with Nathan Drake”, says Neil Druckman, Creative Director for Uncharted. With new dialogue trees and an online multiplayer mode Naughty Dog is adding a lot to this last installment. No matter what fate has in store for the characters of Uncharted, players cannot wait to get their hands on this title, coming April 2016.

No Man’s Sky


Developer: Hello Games
Designer: Gareth Bourn
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

No Man’s Sky may be the game we have been dreaming about since the birth of gaming. A game that never ends, set in a massive, immersive, and aesthetically beautiful world. By just hearing about this game it is difficult to comprehend its scale, but when shown in a demo it becomes clear that this isn’t like any game we have played before. With literally hundreds of thousands of worlds to traverse and explore, each one unique and different from the other, it is extremely exciting to contemplate the potential of what this game has to bring. One of the most highly anticipated games of this console generation, expect this game to be the topic of discussion for a very long time.

The Last Guardian


Developer: Team Ico, Sony Computer Entertainment, SCE Japan Studio, Gen Design
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4

Probably the most mysterious game coming in 2016, the developers of The Last Guardian have kept their gem under lock and key, only giving us little titbits here and there. Playing as a little boy with a bird-dog looking companion who helps you traverse the ruins where you live, this game seems to be a companion story for the ages. One of the most beautiful games now in development, the anticipation for this game has only been met with more secrecy and a constantly shifting release date. Mirroring the fantastical worlds of games like Ico and Shadows of Colossus this game is set to become an instant classic.

Far Cry Primal


Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft

The Far Cry series has always been about having a truly unique experience and being part of something that felt out of this world. Far Cry Primal is bringing back more of what we expect but is now set in a savage and brutal prehistoric world. With Far Cry having always been a first person shooter, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of action packed sequences are in store for us in the days when bows were high tech. This generation has seen some of the biggest and deepest games we’ve experienced to date. With new game engines able to produce some of the most beautiful graphics to date along with massive, sprawling landscapes, this game promises to bring something unique to the gaming world.

Final Fantasy XV


Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Possibly one of the most beloved and influential video games series of all time Final Fantasy has been an institution in gaming since its early days. Each console generation gets a Final Fantasy and this one is no exception. With Square Enix having a reputation for putting out some of the most polished and cinematic games of all time Final Fantasy XV is set to be another instant hit for the veteran developers. This newest installment has brought with it a lot of changes, like the series’ gameplay now mirroring the Kingdom Hearts battle and menu systems. There are now open battles instead of the typical turn based fighting we have become accustomed to with Final Fantasy. This year we will see a lot of returning game series that we grew up with. Out of all of the sequels happening this year Final Fantasy XV is certainly the most highly anticipated.

Scale Bound

maxresdefault (7)

Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform: Xbox One

Have you ever wanted to be friends with a dragon? Of course you have. For Xbox One owners this dream will soon become a reality with Scalebound. In gaming we have become very accustomed to defeating or fighting huge monsters. In Scalebound all of this gets turned on its head as you fight alongside a ferocious looking dragon. The trailers have shown us a relationship reminiscent of a boy and his loyal dog, except this dog has giant teeth and can breathe fire. Thankfully you have such a powerful and faithful companion because Scalebound is filled with giant creatures you would have no hope of defeating on your own. Scalebound’s scope and originality are helping to keep it in the limelight and we’re wondering how the story of these two characters will play out.

Star Fox Zero


Developer: Platinum Games, Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Wii U

When I was given my Nintendo 64 for Christmas when I was a child, I was given three games with it, Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007, and Star Fox 64. However the only game I played that Christmas break was Star Fox 64. This game understood me; fast, fun and full of amazing and iconic characters. The announcement of Star Fox Zero not only excited my inner child, but my inner gamer. With the Wii U underperforming in sales and its game line up somewhat lacking, it desperately needs another title that will draw in an audience. With its history and large fan base Star Fox Zero may be the one.



Developer: Firaxis Games, Feral Interactive
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PC

One of the most original game series of all time, XCOM 2 brings the joy of strategy and a great story together in this awesome looking game. XCOM: Enemy Unknown brought us a totally new gaming experience and the new installment looks to deliver as well. With turn-based gameplay returning along with all new enemies and power ups this game looks to be one of the most entertaining and exciting tactics games ever created. The player has to be able to think on the fly, adapt, and learn from past experiences. XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after Enemy Unknown and continues the storyline where XCOM lost the war. This sets us up for what is sure to be an epic story and with awesome gameplay to match this is going to a must have title for all strategy and tactics fans.


August 25th, 2012 @ 06:04:36

Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PlayStation 4, XBOX One, PC

Agent 47 is a legend and has cemented himself as one of the most badass characters of all time. He’ll be making his debut on new gen consoles this year. Hitman has always been a critically acclaimed series and the new instalment only looks to add to its already sterling reputation. Of course players will be able to pick and choose how they eliminate targets and with big open world games becoming the norm, the potential for fun here seems limitless. One will have to choose how to go about there dirty work by choosing which targets to take out, which weapons to use, and which disguises would be best. The sandbox potential is massive and it’ll be fascinating to see how players can shape Agent 47’s world.



Developer: Campo Santo
Publisher: Panic
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

Firewatch is enthralling. Every time the trailer plays it’s impossible to look away. A mystery adventure game set in a Wyoming national park, this game is as beautiful as it is enigmatic. You play as a man who watches over the park and your only source of companionship is the radio you keep with you. Immersive gameplay, great character acting, and a constant sense of tension make this a hugely anticipated narrative experience. Above all Firewatch is beautiful. With a warm and rich colour pallet and an art style all its own, this game is visually stunning. For an indie title this game is pulling a lot of hype around it and one can expect it to compete with some of the larger AAA titles being released this year.



Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, XBOX One, PC

Online multiplayer games dominate the market. From first person shooters to MOBAs, competitive online gaming has hit its stride. Battleborn takes the fun of a shooter and mixes it with the strategy of an MMO. Different players have different abilities and use those to help and cooperate with one another to defeat the opposing team. What makes Battleborn a game to watch out for this year is that it may be able to bridge the gap between PC gamers and console gamers. With MMOs and MOBAs primarily being played on PC, Battleborn hopes to use the familiar controls and mechanics of a first person shooter to draw in the console crowd.

With 2016 now underway, the wait for the next great game doesn’t feel that long. Last year was a huge year for gaming – so many amazing titles were launched it made gaming in 2015 unexpected and fun. What games have your attention this year? Which ones are you planning on purchasing or passing up? Let us know in the comments and for more of what’s to come always check back to Cubed Gamers.

You can read more on the year ahead in gaming – including analysis of the outlook for the major console manufacturers – in the first issue of Cubed Magazine, available free now.

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