EGX Rezzed: Mekazoo Preview

Do you miss the golden age of platformers? Wish to go back to a time where you could seamlessly navigate a gorgeous 2D world without fear that it would be turned into a derivative 3D title? Let me introduce you to Mekazoo, a 90s-inspired 2D platformer which keeps flow and design at its core.

Mekazoo is The Good Mood Creators’ debut game, after starting up in 2009, and what a step into the video game industry it is. It leaves you to control a spinning blue armadillo or a frog with an especially nimble tongue, to conquer the stunning, vibrant worlds Mekazoo has to offer. Worlds which are a joy to navigate through, from the lush fauna in the foregrounds to the deep backgrounds.

The game’s world feels rich and alive, creating an amazingly deep experience for a 2D space. You can even bring a friend too. You’ll start Mekazoo with just one armadillo to play, but you won’t be lonely for long – there will always be company from the insectoids who litter the levels for you to pick off.

If you are wanting another playable friend however then you won’t have to wait long before facing one of the game’s bosses. Beating them will grant you a smaller version to use and swap between to
navigate through the worlds seamlessly.

This is where your friend you brought along can come in handy as well – you can control one character each to help navigate the land, but since both you and your friend can change who is playing at any time, it may be best to work out a system first. Once you have a selection of mechanically enhanced animals to choose from, the game opens up to you. Different paths become available to you depending on the characters’ ability you use to break through to a new area.

At any point, you are free to switch back to the other character, using their abilities to traverse a portion of a level and keep your momentum going from one moment to the next. Even when I found
myself making mistakes in Mekazoo I would discover a new path and a new solution, allowing me to keep moving and never feel interrupted. So if you have been missing out on the flow and speed that 90s platformers had to offer, then Mekazoolooks to be your game and definitely one to check out when released later this year.

Enjoyed this preview? It was part of our EGX Rezzed coverage, all available in the latest issue of Cubed – along with so much more!

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