Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Demo Preview

Infinitely adorable, stunningly authentic and meticulously designed, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens demo is hands down not only one of the best titles from developer TT Games but may be one of the greatest Star Wars games in a long time. The demo for the full game, available June 28th, is available for download from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, and PC. We had a chance to give it a playthrough and, as expected, we were not disappointed in the least.

Right from the very start, you can play as three of the most iconic heroes from the Force Awakens movie: BB-8, Finn, And Rey. Fans of the Lego games will be happy to know that the gameplay has stayed consistent with previous titles, and is still just as engaging and fun as ever. The demo puts you right into the action starting with the scene where Finn, Rey and BB-8 are on Jakku, trying to escape from the First Order. TT Games has always done a phenomenal job with making sure their Lego adaptations are hilarious and extremely authentic to the material, and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is no exception. Everything, from the AI’s that are running all around in a panic – understandably so as there home is being blown to bits over cheeky toy robot – to the sound of the blaster fire immediately immerses you in one of the most beloved universes of all time.

Like in most Lego games, each character has a specific skill set that is unique to them. As you are presented with different obstacles and puzzles you can utilise characters in different ways to accomplish the goal at hand. The Star Wars universe is extremely rich in characters, and it is well known that just about every character who has appeared on screen has a name and background story. TT Games is sure to put that extensive roster to use in this latest instalment. For those who are big fans of Star Wars, this game is going to be the crowning Kyber Crystal in their collection. Being able to pilot the Millennium Falcon as Rey around a lovingly fashioned Lego version of Jakku is probably one of the most satisfying moments this gamer has had in a long time – recreating your favourite moments and making new ones will be a big selling point for this game.

Of course, this game is fun to play alone, but it became a genuine good time when my daughter sat down and joined me. Lego games at their core have always been puzzle games. Sitting and figuring things out together, not only gives you a great feeling of accomplishment when you can finally move on to the next thing, but also ensures that there is always something for each player to do. Because of this, no one ever feels like a discarded garbage ship, or like they aren’t contributing. Like most Lego games, playing with a friend is the best way to go. You are still able to switch characters, so everyone can get a chance to try out the characters and discover who is their favourite to play with.

TT Games really can do nothing wrong. They figured out the formula for fun and engaging games for the whole family a long time ago, and continue to hone and define their craft with this latest title. Fans of Lego games will absolutely love this one, as will fans of Star Wars. For those who are both, this one will be a must have.

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