Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatibility Announcement Triggers Huge Increase in Amazon Sales

Following the announcement by Rockstar Games that much loved western Red Dead Redemption is becoming backward compatible, the game has witnessed an incredible four-thousand percent increase in sales of the Game of the Year edition on

The game has continued to sell well due to its popularity from release, but post announcement sales have increased three-fold from 1,460 to 4,766%.

Set in the 1900s, the game follows the adventures of gun slinging outlaw John Marston, who must bring his former gang to justice in order to save his family.

This follows on from several pieces of leaked information – including maps -that appeared earlier this year, pointing towards a possible prequel to the wildwest blockbuster.

Rumors persist that a reveal trailer was originally due to be released during Sony’s E3 conference, but was later switched for the demo for Days Gone due to the sensitive circumstances following on from the recent Orlando shootings.

Red Dead Redemption will be available to play for anyone owning an original copy of the game this Friday, July 8th.

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