The Final Station – Review

All aboard! We welcome you onto this northern rail service, I shall be your conductor on this journey. While we are on our journey to the Final Station please refrain from un-orderly conduct such as: scrawling mystic symbols on the walls, coughing up black goo, staring unblinkingly at the horrors lurking in the distance and/or at other passengers. We shall be providing a food service on this journey, as well as routine medical care for those of you with gaping head wounds. For these services we do charge a small premium, however we will be happy to accept all major credit cards, crafting ingredients, live ammunition and weapon upgrades. Thank you for choosing to join us on this last known train service, we hope you have a pleasant journey.

You are the driver of this train and it’s your job to keep it moving station to station, picking up the code for the blockers at each one before moving onto the next. On your way you will have to care for your cargo and passengers who will join you at each stop. You have a very important job to do, not only getting the people to where they need to go, but also delivering parts of the Guardian so we can all be in with a chance of living through this second encounter. At each station, it will be up to you to scavenge for resources and survivors to bring along with you on your journey, bringing them onto your train and caring for them until you drop them off at the nearest outpost of civilisation. Obviously, we want you to keep everyone alive and healthy, but we realise that since you will be sharing all your resources with them that might not be possible. You might have to make some difficult decisions on who to save.


Since the previous model of this train, which we let you have a sneak preview of, we have made a few adjustments. This model comes with a far more reliable battery, meaning you won’t have to run around trying to fix everything on the train. Instead, only one system should be broken at a time, allowing you to better distribute your workload whilst caring for your passengers. This model of train is also capable of hauling cargo, which you shall pick up as you pass through each city. Unfortunately, the power regulation for the cargo is also rather finicky and will require monitoring and fixing in order to not overload the train. This isn’t an issue however, as it keeps thing varied and entertaining, meaning you’ll always on your toes between each station.

In any spare moment you may be inclined to listen in to the conversations of your passengers, however keep in mind that their care must come first. This may cause you to miss parts of what they are saying, since you are distracted by other tasks. However, please remember that as tantalising as their thoughts may be, you are only human, and it is natural to miss some of what is said as you work on more important things. There will also be chances to unravel the mystery at each of the stations through notes and clues which have been left behind. Don’t expect them to be handed to you, as you may have to go out of your way to find them, breaking away from the guiding rails that are you salvation.

While at the stations you may encounter some of those who have been infected. They should be dealt with extreme caution as they will attack you on sight. When combating these creatures, you have several tools at your disposal. While either of your guns will prove most effective against these creatures, please keep in mind that your ammunition for these weapons will be incredibly scarce. While dangerous, the most reliable method to dispatch foes will be your fists. Do keep in mind that serious backpedaling may be in order to keep away from your foes, and clever tactics will have to be used to ensure your safety. If situations do turn dire, when you are at one of the stations you will be able to heal yourself with one of your med kits. Unfortunately, since the supply of med kits is shared between yourself and your passengers, it may be prudent to withhold their use. We are required to tell you that, when you are at the stations, there is the possibility that you will be backed into a corner with creatures sprinting towards you. If this does occur, please consult chapter eight of the handbook titled “Frantic moments and you” for how best tp unload your clip rapidly while screaming at a high pitch.


While at each of the stations, you may desire to do as your passengers do and admire the scenery. Do ensure though that you have found a secure vantage point, as death and destruction lurk around every corner. Please take note of array of colours that each new station has to offer, with many of the buildings sporting this season’s hottest shade: apocalypse grey. If you ever do look beyond the buildings, take note of the scale of your backdrop as well as the wistfully refreshing colour pallet that breathes a sense of vibrancy into an otherwise bleak landscape. Make sure not to look for too long, as you don’t want to be letting your guard down in a dangerous location, or looking long enough to develop feelings of insignificance in a world far bigger than you, that even your job is only there because of what your train. If any of those feelings do develop, please consult chapter eleven of the handbook.

While it is a little on rails, The Final Station creates a deep survival experience, filled with tough choices to make and jam-packed with tense moments revolving around the survival of you and your passengers. Everything is wrapped in a deep mystery that is slowly unraveled to you, while still keeping the mystery dense and interesting, even at the end of the game.

World Design7
Sense of Scale9

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