Cooking up a Fantasy in Final Fantasy XV

For the first time in my life, I find myself completely and utterly enveloped by Final Fantasy fanaticism. Aside from those fleeting survival moments encompassing eating, sleeping and bathing, the rest of my waking moments are consumed by the unrelenting need to explore the wondrous and fantastical world of Final Fantasy XV. In fact, I’m so enamoured with Square Enix’s exotic extravaganza that it is permeating my very thoughts doing those aforementioned instances of respite.

This is particularly true when I’m cooking and eating, with my thoughts constantly flicking back and forth between my own pitiful culinary creations and Ignis’s stupendous and succulent dishes of y XV fills me with an overwhelming sense of frustration that I am unable to capture even a sliver of the culinary excellence displayed by Ignis “Iron Chef” Scientia himself. This infuriating shortcoming, however, has got me thinking. Imagine, if you will, that there was a way for us, the dedicated fans of both cooking and Final Fantasy XV alike, to learn how to cook the very same scintillating dishes concocted by Ignis in Final Fantasy XV. Thus, I find myself contemplating the possible existence of a branded Final Fantasy XV cookbook, one that is bursting to the seams with all of radiant recipes of the kingdom of Lucius.

It seems like an obvious merchandising opportunity for Square, one that is bound to sell given the avid critical and commercial success of the game. I, for one, cannot be the only one who has found themselves utterly spellbound by the fantabulous foods on display. Even if it were but a limited print run with barely a few thousand available, I feel that if would still be a beneficial investment by Square that would undoubtedly find an audience, even amongst those without any knowledge or interest in cooking. From basic bread rolls and soups to extravagant creamy risottos and fish dishes, there would be something for everyone of all culinary capabilities. They could even include informative explanations of different cooking techniques to prepare you for the more demanding recipes. Of course, not even dish from the game could be included within the pages of this theoretical cookbook. I’m somewhat sceptical that you can easily procure Behemoth meat from your local Tesco.

In addition to the in-depth, step-by-step recipe guides, the book could also provide tantalising snippets regarding the expanded lore of the world of Final Fantasy XV as a whole, titbits that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only that, but the possibility of providing mesmerizingly beautiful, hand-drawn renditions of each dish in another addition that would be brilliant to behold, adding an extra layer of creativity and love to the package as a whole. Of course, Square could merely produce a paper-thin pamphlet that’s little more than a soulless list of barely a handful of recipes, but given the efforts they have gone to with the other supplementary components I would hope that they would put in an equal amount of effort.

But why stop there? The cookbook is only the beginning. Just imagine if you could order a printed album of your in-game photos. Firewatch did it, so why not Final Fantasy? Or what about a Hammerhead Garage branded car maintenance manual, or a fishing written by Noct himself? The sky is literary the limit with regards to future Final Fantasy XV merchandising prospects, and Square would be foolish not to capitalise on such glaringly obvious financial opportunities.

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