Caveman Warriors is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Developer JanduSoft S.L. have announced that their upcoming cooperative 2D side-scroller, Caveman Warriors, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

In this prehistoric multiplayer adventure, an alien invasion threatens to eradicate humanity before its even had a chance escape its primordial roots. It’s down to you – and up to three of your friends – to beat back the encroaching alien hordes and save the future of humanity.

Caveman Warriors boasts four playable characters, all of whom possess unique attacks and abilities to tackle the myriad of challenges facing players on their journey.

According to JanduSoft, the Nintendo Switch version will allow the use of one joycon per player, a control scheme that the developer claims will recreate that classic NES feel.

The game is also scheduled for release on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, and PS Vita, and while JanduSoft have yet to announce a firm release date, we can expect to see Caveman Warriors release sometime later this year.

Check out the announcement trailer right here.

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