Rouge-like SHMUP HyperParasite Now in Development

Independent Italian studio Troglobytes Games have announced that their newest game, HyperParasite, is now in active development.

At its core, HyperParasite is a top-down, rouge-like shoot ‘em up set in an alternate-history, post-World War III rendition of the 1980s. Player take on the role of a body-snatching organism on a quest for global domination.

HyperParasite will allow players to dynamically snatch and switch between the bodies of nearly every weapon-wielding human they encounter, with a multitude of potential character classes to consume.

The game will also feature local co-op.

Though a release date has yet to be confirmed, Troglobytes Games are planning for a Steam launch sometime in 2018 – a console version will follow.

Stay tuned here at to discover more about HyperParasite and other upcoming indie titles.

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