Red Dead Redemption II – The Wild West is Back!

Rockstar Entertainment just released a new trailer for the sequel to 2010 mega-hit Red Dead Redemption. The one-and-a-half-minute clip shows off a new protagonist, Arthur Morgan, and gives a bigger glimpse of what’s in store for players returning to the Wild West.

When Rockstar announced that the original Red Dead was getting a sequel, a lot of fans were wondering what else was in store within the Red Dead world. John Marston’s story didn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger. To many, it is very much complete. So how would a sequel even narratively compete?

Well Rockstar threw away those questions with this trailer, confirming long held rumors that the new game is a prequel rather than a sequel. Rockstar describes the narrative as, “the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive.” That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you’re not going back to the decline of the American Frontier era. You’re going to its peak.

Story-wise, there’s not much here to see. The trailer just showed that Arthur Morgan is a Certified Badass, threatening people and robbing his way through the Wild West. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see much more of his character fleshed out. We’re looking forward to what the story is going to be like, especially in a time where narrative heavy open-world RPGs like The Witcher 3 exists. It’ll be interesting to see if Rockstar can recapture the magic that made the original Red Dead such an iconic piece of videogame history.

Of course, callbacks to the original is to be expected, and the trailer teased this as well. The closing seconds of the trailer shows Dutch Van der Linde, the notorious leader of the Van der Linde gang of the first game. We’re calling it here that young John Marston is going to be a big part of the game. If not that, he’s probably going to cameo at some point.

From the trailer, it seems that survival is the key word that Rockstar is basing off the majority of Red Dead II’s gameplay. Sandwiched between the gritty western drama, were shots of our intrepid protagonist galloping through forests, snowy mountains and vast deserts. Judging from these shots, expect a massive map to explore and go through with your trusty horse. Animals are coming back in a big way as well, with shots of Arthur going against horses, bears, and a newer addition – crocodiles. Judging from this, the message from Rockstar seems clear. We’re taming this land.

All in all, it’s a fantastic start for the game. We haven’t seen anything specific gameplay-wise, other than (we assume) the returning mechanics from the previous game as seen in the trailer. But hey, it’s better than a teaser poster, right?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming Spring 2018.


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