Resource Management Sim/Visual Novel My Lovely Daughter Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux

Morbid resource management sim, My Lovely Daughter, has been announced for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Created by the Indonesian developer Gamechanger Studio and published by Toge Productions, My Lovely Daughter asks you a most harrowing question: “What would you do if you have the opportunity to revive the one you beloved the most? How far will you go to achieve that?”

You play the role of Faust, an amnesiac alchemist and father, who wakes up to discover the lifeless body of his one and only daughter sprawled before him, surrounded by the remnants of his work. Mortified by the horrific situation, Faust sets out to try and grow a soul so that he can bring back his beloved daughter.

In order to grow the soul, players must create dozens of homunculi, raising them as their surrogate, artificial daughters, before sacrificing them in aid of bringing back his deceased daughter. Players will have to assign jobs to their horde of horrifying homunculi, levelling them up in the process as they strive to acquire the necessary income that is required in order to buy more resources and, ultimately, save Faust’s daughter.

The game boosts unique trait and characteristic combinations for each homunculus, as well as a multitude of possible endings and secrets to discover, all wrapped in a hand-drawn, gothic-inspired aesthetic style.

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