White Noise 2 Coming to PlayStation 4 October 13

White Noise 2, an asymmetric 4vs1 horror game, is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 on October 13, developer Milkstone Studios have announced.

The game focuses heavily upon cooperation, with the four investigators having to work together to discover clues and solve the resulting mystery, as the while being hunted down by a ferocious creature under the control of the opposing player.

In order to prevent the intrepid investigation team from achieving their goal, the creature needs use the shadowy labyrinthian environment to their advantage as they set traps to lure the investigators to their doom, all the while avoiding detection in the shadowy corners of the map.

White Noise 2 will launch on PS4 with 8 playable areas, over 15 investigators with different perks and playing style, and 4 creatures with different playstyles and powers. Additionally, there will also be two pieces of DLC available for purchase at launch, namely the Supporters Pack (A new flashlight plus a new Idol for the creature) and Astaroth, the Duke of Hell (a playable creature with new powers).

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