Bruce Lee coming to Heroes Evolved

R2Games have announced an official partnership with Bruce Lee, LLC, a company owned and operated by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee. Together they have brought the legendary King-Fu Master, Bruce Lee to the digital realm and successful MOBA game, Heroes Evolved.

This could be R2Games intended series of showcasing pop-culture characters, kicking it off with Bruce Lee debuting October 18 in his iconic outfit. To many of you millennials that iconic outfit is similar to bright yellow outfit worn in the movie Kill Bill Vo. 1.

Fans of Bruce Lee and/or Heores Evolved can go to R2Games official site where you can have a sneak peek at Bruce Lee’s Kung-Fu style in the game. Many of these moves originate with Bruce Lee himself and therefor brings the character to life. R2Games collaborated with martial arts experts to do motion capture and replicate the feeling of Bruce Lee’s infamous kicks and punches from classic films such as Way of the Dragon, Fist of Fury, and Enter the Dragon. There are a set of live challenges available to players starting October 11. Those who complete all three challenges with be rewarded with the new hero completely free once he launches.

Heroes Evolved is a 5v5 online MOBA arena game in which players assume the roles of powerful heroes. Work together as a team to destroy the opposing enemy base. The game is face paces, tactical and above all, fun. Heroes Evolved maybe be one of the first MOBA games to start a trend in playing famous pop-culture icons. Play the game now on iOS and Android.

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