Sci-Fi Shooter Neon Chrome Out Now for Nintendo Switch

Neon Chrome, 10tons Ltd.’s flagship sci-fi twin stick top-down shooter, is now available on Nintendo Switch for £12.99 and $14.99 respectively.

Set within a randomly generated sci-fi setting straight out of the annals of Blade Runner and Judge Dread, Neon Chrome has players engaging in thrilling twin-stick battles within fully-destructible cyberpunk environments.

The features a plethora of character classes, cybernetic enhancements, and weapon upgrades, all of which you’ll need to mix and match as you seek to defeat the myriad of hand-crafted bosses that roam that mean cybernetic catwalks of Neon Chrome’s dark sci-fi future.

Stay tuned to to read our verdict on Neon Chrome, as well as our thoughts on a variety of intriguing indie titles.

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