First-Person Space Adventure TARTARUS Launching on Steam This November

Abyss Gameworks have announced that their first-person exploration sci-fi epic, TARTARUS, is scheduled for launch into the great expanse that is the Steam Store on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Trapped far from home, ominously drifting into the gravitational clutches of Neptune, the once-proud mining ship TARTARUS is now nothing more than a flying prison slowly propelling its hapless crew towards certain doom. Only one man can save the day and free TARTARUS from crashing into the icy depths of Neptune, the swashbuckling space-hero Cooper.

There’s only one problem, however. Cooper is less a daring space-adventurer and more a lowly cook with absolutely no training in the old ship’s rudimentary terminal systems – in fact, he’s about the furthest thing from a dashing intergalactic space-traveller as it is possible to get.

Thankfully, Cooper isn’t alone in his perilous endeavour. Andrew, the ship’s engineer, is there to guide Cooper over the intercom as he ventures forth to fix ailing computer systems and rupturing engine components that threaten to send TARTARUS plummeting into the planet’s surface.

Acting upon the guidance of Andrews, players must navigate the twisting confines of this first-person space adventure as they seek to use realistic computer commands to break into the ship’s systems, all the while solving complex puzzles that harken back to classic puzzle games that often required a pen and paper to solve.

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