Nex Machina Gets Physical Release – Coming Soon

Rejoice, those who pleasure in the acquisition of physical renditions of their favourite videogame titles. Nex Machina, the brilliant twin-stick arcade extravaganza, is getting a physical release on PlayStation 4, developer Housemarque have announced.

Teaming up with the fine folks over at Limited Run Games, Nex Machina will see the release of three distinct physical editions, each of which will be available for purchase on November 10.

First up is the standard edition, which will cost $29.99 (prices for other regions are, as of yet, unknown) and include the game disc enshrined within a game case complete with stylish cover art.

The second is the Collector’s Edition, which retails at $64.99. This version comes jampacked with enough goodies to satiate even the most enthusiastic of Nex Machina fanatics, including a game disc with unique collector’s edition cover art, a CD soundtrack, four art prints, and an 18 x 24 inch poster – all packaged in a beautiful embossed collector’s box.

The third and final edition will also be available at this year’s PSX event in December, and will include the game with unique cover art designed especially for that version.

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