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About the Team


Robin Wilde: Editor

As the site’s Editor, Robin is responsible for all content we publish – making sure it reads well, is accurate and is interesting. It’s his job to seek out articles for our contributors to write up (and chase them up if they fall behind on their deadlines). He also helps with the production, promotion and strategic direction of Cubed Magazine.

For general queries, press releases, review code, article pitches or comments about the website, please contact Robin – or @Robin_CG on Twitter.

Phil for Contact Page

Phil Baker: Site Administrator

Phil is half of our weekly podcast, but as Site Administrator he’s also in charge of making sure it all works. Many a time he’s been woken up by urgent messages from Robin about something he’s broken.

If you have a bug to report, complaint about speed or ease of finding content, please contact Phil – or @Filbil27 on Twitter.

Sam Gilzean

Samuel Gilzean: Website Editor

Sam looks after the editing and publishing of content to the website, to make sure you get content quickly and in a nicely polished state. He also commissions

If you’re reading it here, Sam probably published it – so he’s the one to contact about typos! Any website feedback can be directed to Sam – he’s or @CurlyFalloutFan on Twitter.

Social Media Team

Amy Page, James Pettegrow and Chaz Cleckley: Social Media Managers

These three are here to make sure we reach out into the wider world through Twitter and Facebook, Stumbleupon and N4G. They’ll be using their personal experience to great effect – and if you came here by seeing one of our articles shared, then they’re the people to thank.

If you’re unsure where to send your message, please direct your mail to