Cubed Magazine

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What is it?

Cubed is the monthly magazine from the Cubed Gamers team. Each issue, you’ll find the latest insight into the games industry – whether that’s reviews of new games, features looking at a side of gaming you might not have heard of, or comment articles that defend the unpopular or tear down sacred cows. It’ll be packaged and presented to professional standards, by a team with collective years of experience in games writing.

What’s in it?

Each issue will vary, but as your basic package you can expect reviews of games big and small, news about what’s happening in the world of games, several comment articles and features. There’s also the totally magazine-exclusive New Game+, where we take a look at the lighter side of games.

How do I get it?

We release a 20 page issue of the magazine right here each month, absolutely free. If you want to read the full version, you can subscribe through Patreon from just $2 a month. If you’re feeling particularly generous (and have a hoarder’s instinct) you’ll be able to pick up a print copy – with exclusive subscriber cover – each month for just $8. In future, we’re hoping to make issues available individually through other sites, too, so you can build up your back catalogue.

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