The Walking Dead: Season Two

This is the second season of The Walking Dead, the adventure game of the show of the comic developed by TellTale Games.

Episode One: All That Remains

Chapter 1 “Old Friends”


Chapter 2 “16 Months Later”


Chapter 3 “The Scavenger”


Chapter 4 “Alone”


Chapter 5 “Abandoned Camp”


Chapter 6 “Finding Food”


Chapter 7 “New Faces”


Chapter 8 “Getting Supplies”


Chapter 9 “Back in the Shed”


Chapter 10 “Later That Night”


Chapter 11 “The Killing Fields”

Episode Two: A House Divided

Chapter 1 “Two of Us”:


Chapter 2 “The Intruder”:


Chapter 3 “Departure”:


Chapter 4 “In the Woods”:


Chapter 5 “Crossing the Bridge”:


Chapter 6 “The Other Side”:


Chapter 7 “Reunion”:


Chapter 8 “Revelations”:


Chapter 9 “Christmas Dinner”:


Chapter 10 “Helping a Stranger”:


Chapter 11 “In The Dark”:


Chapter 12 “Caught in a Trap”:

Episode Three: In Harm’s Way

Chapter 1 “Examinations”:


Chapter 2 “Home Away from Home”:


Chapter 3 “Sunshine and Rainbows”:


Chapter 4 “Far to Fall”:


Chapter 5 “Breach”:

Chapter 6 “Expansion”: